The Healing Powers of Relaxation

The Healing Powers of Relaxation


While the value of a good night’s sleep is well known, relaxation plays a key role in our body’s primary response. Science is shining light on how relaxation changes the central nervous system and the mind and body as a whole.

“We are three-dimensional beings: mind body, spirit.”

Laurence Fishburne

Stress activates the body, and can contribute to greater concentration and problem-solving. When in a state of deep relaxation, theta waves inside the brain notably increase, which is essential for maintaining a good balance in brain chemicals.

Anulomo Viloma Breathing

Otherwise known as ‘alternative nostril breathing’, this Ayurvedic breathing technique can help reduce stress, improve brain function, concentration and even be beneficial for the skin too!

What do I do?

  • Breathe out completely
  • Close your right nostril with a finger and breathe deeply into your belly through your left nostril
  • Close both nostrils and hold for two counts
  • Open your right nostril and breathe out completely
  • Continue to hold the left nostril closed and breathe deeply into your belly through your right nostril and repeat.

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