Brisbane Artist Creates Larger Than Life Spectre

Brisbane Artist Creates Larger Than Life Spectre


For almost 20 years, Stephen Nothling has meandered through the streets of Highgate Hill, absorbing the incremental and dramatic changes of the area. Stephen was born visually impaired, and has spent most of his life studying the colours and details from close-up, and drawing what he sees.

Bellevue is a celebration of Brisbane surburbia, with a vivid, intimate perspective of the surrounding flora.

The Bellevue exhibition is still available for viewing and purchase at Woolloongabba Art Gallery (613 Stanley Street Woolloongabba)

“I think there’s a lot of humour in my work and I wanted them to be gently humorous not sort of laugh out loud humorous.”

Stephen Nothling – ABC News 6/12/15

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