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Boutique Spa with Massage & Magnesium Infused Spa Pools

Enjoy a relaxing massage or sauna. Then have a dip into the magnesium hot or cold spa pools. Or read a book in the tranquil area. Or perhaps you'd rather have a Yoga class or a healthy vitamin C shower. Whatever you choose, celebrate! Because it's your time!

Happy Spa day!  (Casual visit $25)

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm / Saturday: 9am to 5pm. Sunday, Public Holidays: Closed

BOUTIQUE SPA with Spa Pools & Massage 

Do life and have a Massage!

You've made the decision; you're taking time out for yourself. Congrats! Now for the hardest decision to make - what type of massage will you have? Choose from Relaxation / Remedial / Thai / Hot Stone / Pregnancy / Facial Massage / Reflexology. Whatever you decide, you will receive free access to evergreen spa pools valued at $25.

60 minutes $89 / 90 minutes $139 / 120 minutes $189


($20 off for all massage types, limited time only)

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Spa Hire for Private Functions

Have your function at the spa. Includes private use of spa pools, sauna, and party room.  Open to everyone. Maximum of 50 people. Food and drink packages are available.  Call us for availability.

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Body Scrub & Spa Pool Entry

Revitalise your dry skin and stop the flake – have a body scrub! Look at your skin. Is it flaky? Dry? Wrinkled? Gasp!!! Wrinkles you say? No! No! No! Ok take a deep breath. No CPR today. Call us and book your appointment for a body scrub and give your skin a chance to soak in the daily slather of moisturiser. Half priced access to spa pools. Free access to shower facility.  Enjoy an one-hour scrub and spa pool entry for only $89.

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Complimentary On Demand Yoga / Meditation Classes / Sound Bath

With every entry to the spa you receive complimentary access to the on-demand classes of Yoga / Meditation.  For your convenience classes run all day.

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Casual Visits & Memberships Available

Brisbane Bathhouse Evergreen Spa

Magnesium Infused Hot & Cold Spa Pools

We give more attention to water quality in our bathing facilities to deliver on the promise of ‘health through water’. 

Dry Sauna Bathing

Dry Sauna Bathing has been used  for thousands of years all over the world for its health benefits.

Korean Style Showers

Chemical Free Vitamin C Shower & Air Purifer

Evergreen spa goes beyond aromas and signature smells, it provides a fresh air haven using air purification, and chemical free showers .

Sound Bath

On-demand waves of soothing, echoing sound from traditional wind and percussion instruments. 

Spa Hire Private Functions Brisbane Bathhouse Evergreen Boutique Spa

Nap Room

Private room created  for your short midday nap, to help you recuperate from the morning’s stress and get you going in the afternoon.  

Spa Hire Private Functions Brisbane Bathhouse Evergreen Boutique Spa

Relaxation Room

Evergreen Spa is a space to unwind or meet up with friends or family and enjoy a complimentary cappuccino or hot chocolate or share a platter of finger food.


Frequently Asked Question

Evergreen Spa is a ladies only area. We have a separate section for massage which is for both males and females.

Yes. Due to Covid 19 please bring your own towel or you can purchase one from reception.

Bathers are optional.

No. Due to Covid and for the safety of our staff we will accept eftpos only.

Yes. $25 gives you full access to hydrotherapy magnesium plunge pools, sauna and relaxation area.

Yes. Various memberships are available please ask at reception.

Yes. A pack of twelve visits is $270.

Yes. Evergreen Massage is open to both men and women.

The perfect comfort zone
for the relaxation of your mind and body

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